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Inspirational Life of Amir Hamzah
March 19th, 2011 06:48
By Sylviana Hamdani While young people can sing the praises of contemporary Indonesian authors such as Dewi Lestari and Djenar Maesa Ayu, it is unfortunate that many of them have never heard of Amir Hamzah, one of the most influential figures in the country’s literary history. That, however, may change this year. In order to commemorate Amir’s legacy and inspire Indonesia’s youth to read his classic works, Kerapatan ... detail... »
’The Detective’ Of Malay Manuscripts
December 28th, 2010 07:56
By Darul Aqsha The Malay literary world has lost one of its reputable figures. Prof Dr Mohammed Amin Sweeney, an expert in Malay literature, passed away on November 13 at his home in Cibeureum, near Cipayung, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, at 72. He is survived by a wife, a son, two daughters and four grandchildren. His passing is a big lost for the Malay literary world. Enthusiasts and academicians of Malay language and ... detail... »
Dictionary Making: Preserving Tradition of 17th Century
December 20th, 2010 08:12
By Setiono Sugiharto The controversy over the allegedly pirated Alphabetical Thesaurus of the Indonesian Language (ATIL) published by the Language Center has shown no signs of abating. Eko Endarmoko, the compiler of the first-ever written Thesaurus of the Indonesian Language (TIL), has condemned the publication, accusing the Language Center of deliberately copying his thesaurus. In an article written in Kompas daily ... detail... »
Travels through Malay Lands
December 26th, 2009 03:12
By : Karim Raslan As a Malaysian Malay I'm always interested when I meet Malays from Indonesia. I like to hear their stories and get a sense of their lives. Over the past few years I've spent quite a lot of time traveling through Western Indonesia, collecting stories and reading. The Malay world is revering world. At our roots we have been an aquatic people, sailing and rowing between different small ports and ... detail... »
Contesting Malayness: The Quest for the Elusive Melayu
November 13th, 2008 03:36
By: Md. Salleh YaaparThe term Melayu is ancient and was first noted by Ptolemy as early as the second century CA. In current, everyday usage a Malay is someone who speaks the Malay language, practices Malay customs, and in most cases, follows the Muslim faith. The term, however, is more complex and elusive than what is usually understood. Who then are the Malays? What constitutes Malayness? When did the notion arise, and among whom? ... detail... »
Malay Islamic Scholar and Poet
April 30th, 2008 03:39
Almost all of the books made by Raja Ali Haji, especially those which contain valuable advices, are always attached with the sample of reality in daily life of that time. Something that was rarely found at the time, an Islamic scholar who was also expert on political, constitutional, historical, law and literary studies. Raja Ali Haji was one of them. Besides of his piety on religious cases, he also productively ... detail... »
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