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Rajaalihaji.com needs your support

Assalamu‘alaikum Wr.Wb.        

www.rajaalihaji.com is a portal or database on the Malay leading figure, Raja Ali Haji, published by Balai Kajian dan Pengembangan Budaya Melayu-BKPBM (Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture). www.rajaalihaji.com is concerned specifically with the analytical study of Raja Ali Haji, included the classification, documentation, publication of both Raja Ali Haji‘s conceptual and  practical thoughts. It is hoped that the portal will be valuable academic source for those who want to either deeply understand Raja Ali Haji or read his life at a glance.  

www.rajaalihaji.com is presented for the development of language and literature in specific, and knowledge generally, in the Malay world. www.rajaalihaji.com is a non-profit portal. Up to now, this portal has never been supported financially (grant or loan) from any parties (government or private institution). Therefore, the sustainability of www.rajaalihaji.com will not be guaranteed unless it is assisted with your valuable support. www.rajaalihaji.com will be grateful for any  parties that concern the sustainability of the portal and provide the support in forms of:

  • Data, articles, information, academic references, photo, etc
  • Financial support in all kinds of currency
  • Invitation to the events or seminar discussing the life and thoughts of Raja Ali Haji

The maintenance and sustainability of www.rajaalihaji.com depends neither on advertisement nor on other commercial activities. Rather, it depends mainly on people who have high concern on the development of knowledge in the Malay region.

www.rajaalihaji.com still accepts advertisement, but, only on the activities of the Malayans in any part of the world, or the governmental activities regarding the Malay culture; as long as the activities for the preservation and development of Malay knowledge purposes. 

For running the academic activities, www.rajaalihaji.com needs huge operational fund for several things:

  • Purchasing, substituting and maintaining hard wares (computers and all data processing equipments)
  • Renting office and paying monthly overhead of office
  • Paying salaries of photographers, reporters, data contributors, editors and other official employees
  • Accomplishing official duties such as collecting data, reporting news and taking data photography
  • Paying bandwidth charge and rackspace rent
  • Purchasing name of domain
  • Paying the charge of software development
  • and supporting financially any other computation activities

In order to sustain the Malay cultural heritage, www.rajaalihaji.com do hopes financial support from you, whether at once, monthly or annually. The financial support can be transferred to our bank account at:

Balai Kajian Melayu

Bank Mandiri Cabang Yogyakarta, Indonesia

A/C No : 137.00.0470000.7

Regarding our expression of giving thanks and appreciation toward your contribution, we would like to display the contributors‘ name and their contribution on the portal. Meanwhile the spent funds and the details of its use will be reported transparently annually.

Whatever your support and contribution, and how much its amount will be very valuable for us. For the last word, we give our a lot of thanks for the given encouragement.

Jika kecil telapak tangan, nyiru kami tadahkan

Wassalamu‘alaikum Wr.Wb.

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