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Arbia', 13 Safar 1443 (Tuesday, Septtember 21st, 2021)
By : Ding Choo Ming

In the 18th century, profession as a litterateur was considered at the same social status with the working class people in the present. They made some works upon order from their employers. Consequently, they were not brave enough to put their identities, such as surnames and occupation, in the works they have created. It was because the copyright ... detail... »

Di dalam Berkekalan Persahabatan: `in Everlasting Friendship`; Letters from Raja Ali HajiBy : Jan van der Putten and Al Azhar (eds)

Although formal and official Malay letters have been the subject of a variety of works, most recently in an excellent book by Annabel the Gallop, this is the first extensive look at private letters written in nineteenth-century Malay. That Raja Ali Haji ibn Ahmad wrote the letters is an added bonus, since he acted as an advisor to the Bugis Yang Di... detail... »


Heroes in this country have the same fate with the labors; they are only welcomed when their services are needed to attract the “foreign exchange”. The heroes are welcomed when they can invite the “foreign exchange” to their birth places, and the labors are honored when they make the foreign exchange come to the country. Both are the same, if the h... detail... »


Bustanul Katibin was written in 1850-1851 A.D. (1267-1268 Hijriyah). The book is the first masterpiece of Raja Ali Haji in linguistic before Kitab Pengetahuan Bahasa (the Book of Linguistic) was written in 1858 BC/ 1275 H. The book, whose full title is Bustān al-Katibin lis Subyān al-Muta`allimin or the Compilation of Children`s Writers, ... detail... »

Raja Ali Haji: An Artist At The Gate Of The 20th CenturyBy : Hasan Junus

Raja Haji and Raja Ali Haji are the two Malay figures that are famous for being National Heroes. Raja Ali was a charismatic leader who had succedded in destroying the Dutch marine fleet in Riau waters on January 6th, 1784. While Raja Ali Haji was an artist in literature, prose, and poetry, lexicography, letters, law, and history. But there was a mi... detail... »

Tuhfat al-Nafis

The Manuscript of Tuhfat al-Nafis consists of two versions; the short and the long versions. The short version of the text consists of 88.000 words written by Raja Ahmad. This manuscript was copied in 1896 from the collection of Yang Dipertuan Muda Riau while the long version consists of 126.000 words by Raja Ali Haji, then, this work was used fo... detail... »